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We are experts in curating exclusive,unique and authentic experiences
in Barcelona ands its surroundings.

EXPERIENCE BARCELONA was born to fulfill all your travel dreams. We curate and offer you only the most authentic, original and exclusive immersive experiences, turning your trip into something deeply memorable, exciting and personal.

Our knowledge and experience with tourism in Barcelona and surroundings will ensure that every experience you choose matches your passions and interests. From adventure to relax, from art to gastronomy, we offer a full range of personalized, accessible luxurious experiences and tailor-made itineraries that will turn your stay into an unforgettable one.

Your time is a luxury

And we know it. Thus it is our mission to give our clients all the tools to enjoy your time the best you can. We can create personalized itineraries, book that table in that restaurant you wanted to try, secure tickets to the hottest events and take you on unique tours.

Our experiences

We offer you all kinds of unique, premium experiences so you can enjoy your holidays 100% stress free. Whatever you need, we have it, and in case we don`t, we can create something just for you!


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