Barcelona on 2 wheels: The Barcelona Ducati Experience

Ducati Experience Barcelona
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As we sped through the empty roads, no one but ourselves, the sounds of the birds and the engine of the motorcycle, a beautiful and powerful Scrambler Ducati, I could see the whole Barcelona panorama down there. The best views of the city. We were cruising through the wind, swinging at every turn of the road, my knees close to touching the pavement as the motorcycle shifted from one side to the other. All I could feel was the adrenaline, the energy, the happiness.

I have always been a lover of speed. Jet skis, motor boats, powerful luxury sports cars, and, of course, motorcycles. I have no problem moving in the water, or driving a car, but driving a sports motorcycle myself… First, I`m a small lightweight woman, so just being able to have my feet touch the ground and moving a moto that heavy and big could be a problem. But that is no obstacle if you want to, like me, try the Barcelona Ducati Experience.

Ducati Barcelona Experience
Learning the techniques before taking the motos out...

There are two options if you wanna try this experience:
1) If you know how to drive and have a valid driver`s license (I`ll check that for you before booking) you can drive the Ducati yourself, guided by an expert so you will enjoy the best off-the-beaten-path, exciting routes, or;
2) You can go with a professional motorcycle pilot (that`s what I did) and let yourself be taken in an amazing adventure, flying through the roads, with no need to be scared: Albert knows what he`s doing and I felt completely safe the whole time.

Getting ready to start the adventure... My super guide and pro motorcycle pilot, Albert. And look at my face: Pure excitement!
My ride...!

We started the Barcelona Ducati Experience tour in the city, passed by some of the most beautiful neighborhoods like El Born then headed out to the Tibidabo Mountain, where you have the most amazing views of the city, and no other tourists to bother you. There are different options of itineraries available and we can also personalize something for you if you wish to.

Barcelona Ducati Experience
Exploring a little of Barcelona
Time to hit the road: Let the adventure begin!

As we got to the top, we stopped to appreciate the panoramic views of Barcelona and talk. We were a group of 3, but the tours can take up to 10 people in 5 motorcycles. Extra motorcycles or even your own can be added if you book in advance!

Barcelona Ducati Scrambler Experience
Girl power!
Barcelona Scrambler Ducati Experience
An amazing group!

There is a reason why I`m sharing this with you: It is a big part of the Experience Barcelona mission that I won`t recommend anything that I don`t trust 100% or have tried it myself. That goes for all the Exclusive Experiences that I offer on the Experience Barcelona guide. You can believe when I say that this experience is a great, unique one, that you won`t find through other travel agencies or concierge services. I spend a lot of my time researching and curating only the best experiences in Barcelona for my clients, with a 100% transparency police: If I don`t like it/believe in it, it won`t be on my guide!

The Scrambler Ducati Tours on the guide.
Scrambler Ducati Barcelona Experience
A pause to contemplate Barcelona.

I did the one day tour, and I have to say: I was quite sad when it ended! I wanted more. If you are like me and don`t get tired of the adrenaline, the freedom that a motorcycle brings you, I have good news: We also offer longer Scrambler Ducati Experiences, like a 2 days Motorcycle and Wine tour, a 3 days Dirt Track Experience and even the most exclusive of the motorcycle experiences you will ever find in Barcelona: The Moto GP VIP Village Tour, where you can not only watch the Moto GP in the Village VIP area with all the comfort and luxury you need, but also be a part of it by actually driving a Ducati in the circuit! This is a very exclusive 3 days experience so if you are interested, book ahead to guarantee your spot!

Scrambler Ducati Barcelona Experience
Time to go back... But still enjoying the speed!

Interested in trying one of the Scrambler Ducati Barcelona Experiences? Don`t waste more time and book it now through my website, and experience Barcelona in a unique, super exciting way!

Thank you so much Sebas Romero for the amazing photos! 

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