The Best Diving Experiences at Costa Brava

Diving Experiences at Costa Brava
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I`m a diving lover. Either if it is diving with an oxygen tank or just snorkeling, the pleasure of completely disconnecting with the outside world and being surrounded by the underwater world is something that I can`t get tired of. And guess what? Really close to Barcelona, in the Costa Brava coast you can find some stunning spots so you can amazing diving experiences!

The city if Barcelona has 10 official beaches, offering a total of over 5 km of white sand beaches so you can enjoy the summer. But even with that much offer, especially during the weekends, the beaches can get crowded. Also, since most of those beaches were built artificially for the Olympic Games of 1992, they are great for chilling and swimming, but not so good for the diving lovers.

Barcelona beaches
The beaches of Barcelona from above.

If that`s your purpose when coming to Barcelona for the holidays, don`t worry: less than 1 hours from the city you can find a great offer of outstanding beaches with excellent diving spots!

Welcome to Costa Brava!

A true Mediterranean paradise, this strip of paradisiac land that stretches from Blanes to the border of France may not be as famous as other sights like Greece or the Amalfi coast, but trust me, it has its own wonders.

From culture and art to history, from picture-perfect beaches to scenic grapevines, from aquatic sports to the best golf courses of Catalonia, Costa Brava can please all ages and tastes. Not for nothing, that was the place chosen by Salvador Dalí as his home and inspiration, but this beautiful coast also attracted other art geniuses like Pablo Picasso, who had a house in the white village of Cadaqués.

The white coastal town of Cadaqués

It is hard to suggest just a few beaches to see in Costa Brava since there is one for every taste: from the white-sanded, long beaches like Roses, Tamariu, Llafranc or Platja d`Aro, to small rocky bays like Cala Jugadora and Cala Estreta; from little gourmet jewels like the restaurants that you will find at Aiguablava to the variety of water sports at Aiguafreda, it is impossible not to find a beach perfectly fit for you!

For the ones looking for some glamour and exclusivity, Begur and Calella de Palafrugell are often the chosen destination of the wealthy Catalans, with a great variety of gourmet restaurants, stylish boutique-hotels, exclusive summer festivals like the White Summer in Pals and the Castell Peralada Festival, set at the medieval Castell de Peralada featuring great names of Jazz, Blue, Opera and Ballet. 

Time to dive in!

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A rich underwater fauna is only one of the many things that diving at Costa Brava has to offer!

With so many stunning places to dive, how can one choose? In this article, I`m going to talk to you about some of the best ones, and how to get to them so you can have an incredible diving experience in Costa Brava.

It doesn`t matter if you are an experienced diver or a newbie, there are options for every level of knowledge. Besides many tour companies, there are endless diving centers that can serve you, from offering snorkeling excursions to baptism trips; if you still don`t have your diving license, you can get your PADI over there with zero stress and at one of the Mediterranean`s most stunning areas.

Aiguablava beach, one of my favourites not only because of its turquoise water but also because of its small but great restaurant and bars offer!

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava, diving in Aiguablava is a real wonder. Immerse yourself in transparent waters and enjoy the extraordinary richness of its bluish seabed between walls of Gorgonians, Coraligen or Posidonia meadows. 

Also, don`t be fooled about the small size of this cala: they have a great offer of restaurants and beach bars, perfect to have a relaxed meal after an amazing diving experience!

The Medes Islands. Aren`t they amazing?

The Medes Islands
The Medes Islands Natural Reserve is one of the top destinations for divers from all over the world, with seven islands that create one of the most important marine reserves in the western Mediterranean. A vast range of underwater activities like diving, snorkeling and freediving will offer you the chance to admire the huge gorgonians, the Neptune grass meadows, and the enormous variety and quantity of fish.
If you want to see this vibrant underwater world but do not want to get wet, glass-bottom boat trips are available for tours.
If you decide to choose the Medes Islands as your diving destinations, don`t miss the calas of Vaca, Dofí, Pota de Llop, and Cavall Bernat. Around the islands, with depths that vary from 12 and 40 meters, you can discover wide, illuminated open spaces covered with spectacular gorgonians and incredible fauna from majestic groupers to colorful nudibranchs. Along the Montgrí coast, an exciting dive down to the shipwrecked ferry Reggio Messina is a must-do.

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Me, Vick Fichtner, your very own experiences curator, enjoying a diving experience at Costa Brava so you can have the best when it is your turn!

Calella de Palafrugell, LLafranc and Tamariu
Some of my personal favorites, these three charming Costa Brava villages offer you the chance to enjoy unique diving experiences in such emblematic places as Ullastres, the Formigues Islands, and the Tamariu canyons.

Some of the most popular dives in this area are Furió d’Aigua Xelida, famous for its moray eel and lobster populations, Gisbert cove and especially Ullastres, the best diving area outside the protected zones. Two miles out of Llafranc Port, you can dive down to discover these three fabulous marine mountains. These dives range from depths of 8 to 40 meters, being suitable for many levels of diving ability. When diving among these lively underwater walls, you are likely to find groupers, scorpionfish, moray eels, and a vast quantity of red gorgonians. Without a doubt, a memorable diving experience! 

Last time I was diving there, snorkeling only because I went to spend the day sailing with friends, I got so caught up following the most beautiful fish (it had all the colours of the rainbow) that I didn`t even noticed I was face to face with a big octopus until he changed colours and started to swim away. A magic moment!!!

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Those were only a few options, but there are many more. This area is a true diving paradise and so that you can enjoy it in the easiest, most comfortable way, Experience Barcelona has teamed up with the top diving experts in the area to offer you the best diving experiences in Costa Brava.

It doesn`t matter your level of experience, your age, or who you`re traveling with: we can create and offer all kinds of personalized diving experiences. You can choose the duration, the type of boat (are you more of a sailing or speed boat type of person? Maybe even a jet skier?), the route, how many people to share this experience with… Anything you want, we can make it happen!

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If you`re interested in living an immersive and memorable diving experience at the Costa Brava, contact us today through our form or email – and we can arrange everything for you!

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