The story of Experience Barcelona

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First of all… Hello and welcome to Experience Barcelona and to this blog!

This is my personal space here, where I will be sharing my experiences with you. See, the idea behind Experience Barcelona is not only to offer the best exclusive experiences I could find for you, but also to show you that this is a personal company where everything that I recommend, I do because I personally know or have tried it.

But let`s start from the beginning: If you haven`t checked the “About Me” page, my name is Vick Fichtner, I`m an architect, professional photographer specialized in architectural, food and travel photography, travel blogger and, most important, the creator and the mind and soul behind Experience Barcelona.
Nice to meet you! 🙂

I wanna start this first post telling you about my reasons to create this company and this guide, the first and only Premium Experiences guide created and design for in-rental selected touristic apartments. And all that starts with my personal experiences both as a real estate photographer for companies like Airbnb but also as a passionate traveler.

I noticed, by talking to hosts on a daily basis that there was a lack of a product specialized in that specific niche, tourist apartments. Their guest had doubts and wanted good recommendations about what to do in Barcelona, off the beaten path activities, more than just the ones you find on trip advisor, and many hosts didn`t know what to recommend and also already had a lot on their hands just by managing the apartments. So this guide was created to make their life easier, as hosts, at the same time that it adds value to their properties.

As a frequent traveler myself, I also felt the need to find this kind of information. Many times during my travels I would stay at touristic rentals our small bed-and-breakfasts, and even searching online, I could not find the kind of unique, high-standard experiences I was looking for. Something more selected, special, unique, more to the luxury side, you know?

That`s why I created Experience Barcelona, so I could offer you the best Barcelona experiences, personally curated by me, to save you the time and effort of searching online and having to go through many pages without really knowing which companies are the real deal and offer the best quality and best activities. I already did it all for you here!

In my guide, you will find all kinds of unique experiences, for all tastes and styles, divided by categories so you don`t have to go through it all (but if you have time, please do, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you will find!).

I also decided to publish an online version of the guide so that even if you are not staying in one of the selected properties that offer it, you can still have access to it and even plan your trip ahead of time. Your time is a luxury, and I know it!

So please, make yourself comfortable here, download the guide or if you already have it, contact me to book your experience and just in case you can`t find what you are looking for, let me know and I can organize everything for you! And keep coming back to my blog because I`ll be sharing the best, top-notch insider tips and experiences you can find in Barcelona. But only here! 😉

I hope you enjoy your stay and my city!
Saludos from Barcelona,

Vick Fichtner 
Experiences Curator 

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