In search of Spain`s best wines

Pouring red wine into the glass in the vineyard at sunset
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As I watched the cherry-red liquid pouring from the bottle into my glass, its aroma starting to reach my nose, I had to tell myself to be patient and wait for the glass to be filled. 

My mouth was already salivating in anticipation of that first sip, the one where you start to discover all the hidden notes that make a good wine great. I twisted my glass in round movements, watching how the wine tears left its print on the crystal, and held it up against the sunlight to appreciate its color. Such a beautiful tone of vivid red. Then I brought it up to my nose, to feel the red fruits and oak smell, and after taking a deep breath, I finally took a sip. 
Heaven. I was tasting one of the great Spanish wines. 

Vineyards, medieval villages, monestaries full of history… This is what the Spanish winescapes are all about!

I consider myself a lucky person. Being a wine lover and living close to some of Spain`s best winemaking regions, I have easy access to amazing wines on a daily basis, either at special wine tastings or just at my local wine store (sometimes even at the regular supermarket). I always liked wine but since I moved to Barcelona, 10 years ago, this appreciation became a true passion and one that I am able to keep working on and developing, thanks to this amazing country. 

Vineyards… I never get tired of looking at this kind of landscape!

When I first started researching and curating the experiences for the Experience Barcelona guide, I had one thing in mind that was very clear: wine experiences had to be a big part of it. Not only wine tourism is a big and constantly growing industry, but it is also one of the biggest travel trends. Plus, is one of my personal favorite activities so I knew I just had to offer them!.

One of my happy places: surrounded by grapevines!

The great side of being an experiences curator and working with the values that I do (authenticity, exclusivity, accessible luxury) is that I don`t sell what I would not buy. Which also means that I don`t recommend experiences that I would not want to try. So, many times… well, the perks of this job, I have to try them myself, and you will discover this if you keep reading this blog: I want to personally tell you about the exclusive experiences I offer, in my own personal way, and also with some of my own photos of it (curiosity: I`m also a professional photographer, and you can see some of my work both on my travel blogor at my photography website) so you can always trust that all the recommendations at the Experience Barcelona Exclusive Experiences guide are authentic and personally quality-approved. Honesty, another one of my pillars. 

One of my favorite wine experiences, that brings together two things I absolutely love: Wine and horses! You can find it at the Experience Barcelona guide, both the printed and the online version which you can download here at the “get the guide” page!

There are already many wine experiences in the Experience Barcelona guide and I can also create something custom made just for you, but keep coming back here because not only the experiences will change periodically and as the seasons change, but as a passionate wine lover, my quest for Spain`s best wines will never end and I will be constantly trying new experiences (and new wines) so you too can have only the best of the best when visiting Barcelona. From the Priorat to the Penedès, from de Rioja to the Ribera del Duero, my wine experiences will not only take you on a journey through Spain but also on delicious and unique wine tasting experience!

Would you like to taste the best wines while enjoying amazing, unique activities? Book your experience now and let me show you the real taste of Spain! 

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