Tasting a unique gourmet picnic experience in Barcelona!

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Picture this scene: A perfect day in Barcelona, like the ones only this city can offer. Bright blue skies, people enjoying the warm sun, the Mediterranean breeze gently blowing on your hair, making the temperature just perfect. All this could only get better if you added one more thing: Food. But why not do it in a totally unexpected and unique manner? 

Let`s have a picnic! 

I’m a proud self-proclaimed foodie. In every aspect of it. I like to cook, and I like even more to eat. I like simple foods and very fancy ones; I love eating but I also enjoy hosting dinners for my friends. Especially when I`m traveling, food is a huge part it. To me, trying the local food, tasting local ingredients or having a different food experience is as interesting as sightseeing, visiting the local attractions and exploring a new city. I strongly believe that food is a huge part of a country`s culture.

Some classics of the Spanish Mediterranean cuisine: goat and sheep cheese, jamón serrano, olives and gazpacho.

As much as I love eating, I also love finding unique, creative ways of doing it. Food festivals. Clandestine dinners. Surprise-themed suppers. A private show-cooking. A special food class. Or… A gourmet picnic! 
(by the way, all those foodie experiences you can find at the Experience Barcelona guide! Download it here if you don`t have it yet)

I won`t lie, is not that I am partial to picnics. The truth is: I adore picnics! Since I was a child and used to go to my grandparents’ farm and my grandmother would always prepare a picnic for me and my brother, by the “elephant rock” (this huge rock that was shaped almost perfectly like an elephant, real-life sized and all). I have such sweet memories of that time. As I grew up, my love for picnics grew up with me. I never missed the opportunity to find a nice spot in the grass/sand/whichever I could find and spread some delicious, especially picked food – and why not, a bottle of wine!

Barcelona is a city with the most amazing weather and yes, you can have your lunch at one of the many restaurant terraces the city offers, but why not do something unique, a real foodie experience, and also 100% stress-free? That`s what Picnicking Barcelona offers. Beautiful gourmet picnics in the most special settings of the city, and you don`t have to worry about anything: You choose your theme – Mediterranean, Italian, Provençal or a personalized one -, choose a location and they will prepare, deliver and set the whole thing. A pleasant surprise, getting to the beach to a Mediterranean Picnic and finding this:

We had an amazing time, with delicious food, the most beautiful picnic table, the fresh sea breeze, watching the sunset and the city light up, listening to the waves and our own laughter… And when we were finished, no need to worry about picking up anything: Picnicking Barcelona has a pickup service, included, so they come and clean everything so you can just go back home relaxed and happy!

This amazing picnic foodie experience is available through the Experience Barcelona Exclusive Experiences guide and now is the perfect time to try it, so book yours today and taste Barcelona in a unique – and delicious – way!

Experience Barcelona is on Facebook and Instagram! Follow me for daily updates and the best of what`s happening in the city! 


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