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As I write this, I`m seated at a rooftop bar in Barcelona, a fresh glass of white Spanish wine by my side, as the views of the city extend before my eyes in a dreamy panorama.

Make no mistake; my life was not always like this. When I first came to Barcelona, precisely ten years ago, I was nothing but a young student on its first European adventure. My travels were the backpacking/hostel style, with low-cost flights and A LOT of walking.

A lot has changed over those last ten years. Since then, that girl turned into a woman who has visited over 20 countries, experienced all kinds of travel styles and now knows exactly what she wants when on her holidays.

Does that sound like you?

From shared rooms in hostels to amazing Mediterranean villas... Quite the journey!

I used to have this anxiety, this hunger for seeing everything in a new place, photograph everything, to the point of not being able to go out at night because of how tired I was and wanting to cry in the morning when my feet touched the floor, because of how much they hurt from all that walking.

I still love to discover new places, but now I`ve learned that if I don`t get to see everything that there is to see in a city, it`s okay! I can come back someday in the future; why not?

I learned that traveling in itself is a luxury that only a few in the world can have, but that being able to truly live and feel a city is an even bigger luxury. Now, when I travel, instead of just quickly walking by the places, I want to be inside of them; instead of only watching the people, I want to be with them. I want to immerse myself in the experience of traveling.

Immersive Experiences

Luxury Traveler Exclusive Experiences Barcelona
Sunset sailing with your loved one, with the sunset falling over Barcelona... Is there a better way to end the day?

The reason why I created the Experience Barcelona Exclusive Experiences and Lifestyle Guide was not only to help hosts and travelers in Barcelona but also because it is a product that I wished I had access to during my trips.
When you are in a new city, sometimes it can be tough to find the exact kind of experiences, activities, and places you wish to taste and try. Tripadvisor is not exactly reliable, some private concierge company are out-of-reach, and with so many companies offering the same, how do you know which one is truly the best?

I missed having someone to guide me when searching for those experiences. So I decided to be that guide for travelers visiting Barcelona. Yes, that`s me, Vick Fichtner, at your disposal!

Private Concierge Barcelona, Personal Travel Assistant, Experience Barcelona
Hello, and welcome to Barcelona!

Why am I the best person to help you during your stay in Barcelona? Why am I the best personal travel assistant and experiences curator for the new luxury traveler? Because I am the modern luxury traveler.

The modern luxury traveler looks for experiences rather than material things. Feeling is more important than owning. Trying is more important than watching. The sense of belonging to a place, even if it`s just for a few hours, is what moves us. Yes, we still like comfort and that touch of luxury, but we don`t want cookie-cutter luxury: we prefer authenticity more than anything.

In the Experience Barcelona guide, I offer a unique selection of the most exclusive, authentic experiences that the city and its surroundings have to offer, with zero stress. You don`t have to look around anymore, because I already researched all the best offers out here and curated them so I can offer everything in one place. In one guide.

That, in addition to my personal knowledge of the city and my own experience as both a traveler and a tourist guide in Barcelona is what made me want to help other travelers, like you.

The Experience Barcelona Exclusive Experiences guide is a seasonal printed edition (but you can also download it for free here on the website!) that recompiles all the best accessible luxury experiences the city has to offer, but in case you don`t find what you are looking for, just talk to me and I can organize it for you. Because yes, personalization is another trait of the modern luxury traveler. And that`s why I`m here!

Also, follow my Instagram @exclusivebcnexperiences for daily updates about our experiences and the best of the Barcelona lifestyle, with great, selected tips from my team of local experts!
And in this blog you will also find articles where I`ll share with you, first hand, how it is to try the experiences Experience Barcelona offers, because trust me: I don`t recommend anything that I haven`t tried or know very well, so your experience will be 100% satisfatory!

So, my dear luxury travelers: get your guide, book your experience with me and let me help you have a luxurious, delightful Barcelona experience!

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